About my Blog & I

I am Revanidhi, but most of my family and friends call me Reva or Rev.

Like many other young adults out there, I have always wanted to start a blog, but never really had the time.  This year however, it’s DO OR DIE kind of attitude.  I am keen on trying everything and anything.  I have always been an adventurous person but also very level headed.  Sometimes you should just do and think about the consequences later… sounds reckless, I know! but hey, sure makes life more exciting.

My blog is basically my story. A day in the life of Reva. It’s somewhat a public diary that you are allowed to read, comment on or like.

I am an attorney and I was born in the sunny South Africa.  Yes you might think attorneys are boring… well.. I am ready to change your perspective.

If you are interested in fashion, food, love and lifestyle… well this is what my blog is all about.

Thanks for reading and do come back soon.